Chois Pools USA


Chois Pool Warehouse Theory.

Why pay thousands of dollars for pools that you are just going to store until sold. Putting you at risk for a large amount of money at an uncertain time. We have a better idea. Let us store the pools for you. When you have a customer who orders a pool, we can ship it the next day and you could have it in about a week.

 You don't have to pay for the pool, until YOU are paid for the pool.

We have hundreds of Chois and Alberca Pools lined up and ready to ship, but we can store them for you, until you are ready.

  • No Need to outlay large amounts of your capital at the beginning of the year.
  • No need to pay for storage on these pools, keep your showroom clear for display.
  • Our efficient shipping department will turn around your order the next day!
  • We can ship one or two at a time.

We stand ready to serve you!